Call Tracking

By integrating call tracking into your marketing strategy, you are better equipped to make informed decisions, maximize conversion opportunities, and refine your efforts to meet the specific needs of your audience.

Call Tracking to Measure the Return on Investment of Your Campaigns

Call tracking is a marketing technique that allows you to track and analyze phone calls generated by an advertising campaign, a website, or other distribution channels. It is possible to create a unique phone number for each marketing initiative you want to measure, such as SEM, display, native, and offline campaigns, including billboards and print.

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Benefits of Call Tracking

Access comprehensive reports on a dedicated platform. Discover the most effective campaigns, see trends, and analyze each call individually.

Listen to recorded calls from the console or download calls in MP3 format. Recording is included in the basic package and incurs no additional fees.

Call tracking easily integrates with your website or tag manager. It can be integrated with Google Analytics for a unified view of your campaigns. It integrates with most CRMs.

Setting up call tracking at Fidelitix

Fidelitix assists you in selecting the call tracking platform that suits your needs. Our team guides you through the setup of the platform and the tracking of calls from your campaigns. Develop periodic reports to assess performance and adjust your strategy accordingly. Ensure you track trends over time.

Tools for tracking and managing call monitoring

Explore our comprehensive range of call tracking tools designed to optimize the management of your phone interactions and maximize the effectiveness of your phone marketing strategy. Vous êtes en mesure de transformer chaque appel en une opportunité de conversion. You can turn each call into a conversion opportunity. Optimize your phone campaigns, enhance the customer experience, and maximize the return on your phone marketing strategy.

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