DOOH Advertising

DOOH, or Digital Out of Home advertising, is an innovative form of advertising. This concept transforms public spaces by using digital screens in outdoor locations. These locations are set up to reach a captive audience in strategic places.

DOOH : The evolution of advertising beyond screens

With DOOH advertising, reach a broad audience in spaces such as streets, shopping malls, airports, train stations, etc. This combination allows you to reach your local audiences and increase brand awareness. Digital Out Of Home revolutionizes outdoor advertising spaces by introducing digital screens. This digital transformation enables more engaging and relevant communication, leveraging technology to create unique advertising experiences.

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The advantages of DOOH advertising

Digital screens in public spaces naturally attract the attention of passersby. DOOH expands reach and boosts awareness.

Digital Out Of Home displays are typically located in specific places, allowing you to target local or regional audiences.

Digital advertising can be updated and modified quickly. Adapt your messages based on events or changes in context.

Fidelitix’s Support in DOOH

Digital Out of Home (DOOH) is reinventing how we perceive and interact with advertising in public spaces. By using technology to create interactive, personalized, and measurable experiences, DOOH offers new opportunities for advertisers to captivate and effectively reach their audience. Constantly evolving, this dynamic form of advertising promises an exciting future where the streets themselves become screens for the stories that brands want to tell. Our agency supports you in implementing DOOH campaigns. We design impactful campaigns, select the best locations, and analyze data to optimize each display. Trust our expertise to maximize the impact of your digital outdoor advertising.

DOOH advertising tracking and management tools

Discover a new approach to tracking and managing DOOH advertising with our integrated platform. Benefit from real-time tracking, analyze your audiences with advanced tools, and simplify the management of your campaigns from a centralized location. Detailed reports provide in-depth visibility into your advertising campaigns in real-time, allowing you to make adjustments as needed.

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