Data driven performance marketing


Real customer behaviour

As consumers navigate on the Internet their history is tracked by cookies. We use this information, combined with our own proprietary data, to create unique groups of people that we know to be in-market to purchase specific products such as a house or a car. This allows us to create precise segments of potential customers according to geography, gender, age, behaviour and browsing history, such as those having visited popular car rating or classified sites, or even Facebook and Google.

Real time Bidding (RTB)

Once we have created and identified the precise audience segment we want to target, we place real time bids on the largest digital ad markets in order to buy ads at the most optimal price and according to your objectives. Similar to the stock exchange, we negotiate with millions of websites in order to purchase and present ads to your potential clients, only paying for ads that respect your objectives; whether your goal is to drive more leads, generate more calls or more in-store visits.

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